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Take over the warehouses

With the Datakone program, you can create your company's warehouses yourself. You can use them to build warehouses that look like your company, located physically anywhere.

The program directs to fetch  the materials, (FIFO) on a first-come, first-served basis. The company itself can name or number the warehouses in the way that best suits the company's operations.


Using the warehouse program, you can manage several warehouses at the same time and be sure of the correctness of the stock cycle. The savings in euros and the meaningfulness of the work are significant.

At the reception, you can record the characteristics of the batch in the program, temperatures, sensory comments, batch number, just what each batch and material requires.

The history can be easily obtained in the form of reports from the program afterward. 

Warehouse Shelves
Staff worker control in freezing room or
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